Some Recent works

2022 Feature Film
Comando gandules Principal 2a - D.O.P
2021 Feature Film
Venice Akka films - D.O.P
TV Serie
Avoir l'âge Point Prod - D.O.P
EWZ MyGosh - Trinity Operator
Feature Film
la Ligne - Ursula Meier Bandita Film - Trinity & Steadicam Operator
Hublot Le Truc - Trinity Operator
Groupe E MyGosh - Trinity Operator
Riding the Alps RTS - D.O.P


2020 TV Serie
Sacha Rita Productions - D.O.P 2nd Unit - Cam B & Trinity Operator
Feature Film
Colombine Dreampixies - Camera operator & Trinity operator
La grande descente Alpina - D.O.P
Seul en Alaska RTS - D.O.P
Feature Film
Presque Les Productions JMH - Camera operator 2nd Unit
Feature Film
Cuerdas Subite al Tren - D.O.P
La Prairie Le Rendez-vous à Paris - Trinity Operator

A passion that
has lasted for over twenty years

Marc Zumbach has been working in the audiovisual sector since 1996. He started in different theatres in the city of Geneva where he made his first steps in the lighting of shows.

In 2000 he went to film school in Barcelona and specialised as a cameraman and cinematographer. He stayed ten years in this city where he worked on dozens of feature films, first as a lighting technician, before climbing the ladder of the cinematographic hierarchy to become a cinematographer.

At the same time, he specialised in the use of steadycam, which allowed him to bring an extra dimension to his work.

Since 2010, Marc Zumbach divides his time between Switzerland and Spain, although his projects regularly take him to the four corners of the world.


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